superman’s instagram is full of inspiring quotes, pictures of the sunrise, out of focus shots taken with fans (tagged carefully with each persons name), drawings that small children have sent to him with thank you tags attached and artistic shots of apple pies purchased at small town diners

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I lived for a year, in the bed by the window. Reading books, better than memories. Wanna feel the seasons passing, wanna feel the spring of supersymmetry.

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I for one am a big fan of Alicia Florrick’s character development


I for one am a big fan of Alicia Florrick’s character development

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this is  h a r a s s m e n t !

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Narrating People’s Lives: In the Aisles! by Thomas Sanders

That’s adorable.

I love how the dad does this side-glance at his kid like “You’re about to be embarrassed so hard, son”

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On if there is a certain hierarchy between celebrities: ”I think so. But everyone understands that, you’re in a certain position. Which doesn’t mean I can’t make suggestions when I’m doing a scene. It can be nerve-wrecking when you’re working with a big director, but you have to. That’s why they hire you. In a few scenes you have to bring a character to life. So if you think that you’re suggestion is a good idea, you need to say something. If it doesn’t work, or the director doesn’t like it, it’s your motherfucking job to make it work”  — Michiel Huisman for L’Officiel Hommes NL, fall/winter 2014 (x)

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"Tommy? Who’s Tommy? The name’s ‘Speed’."

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also there was a canoe on this dude’s front lawn that i just straight up sat in

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i had a very hard exam today but i’m also drunk bc it’s my saturday tongiht so hello WORLD!!!!